About the Conference

Nurturing children and youth implies nurturing the future in every aspect. Experiences in childhood play a crucial role in one's development. Children fall into developmental trajectories that are largely designed by positive and negative experiences. There is a need for developing culturally competent evidence-based research and practice approaches to address current issues related to children and youth. Every profession has its own relevance and contribution to the understanding of children and youth which calls for the need of multi-disciplinary approaches. A multidisciplinary conference of this nature aims to bridge the gap by bringing different perspectives of practitioners, researchers, schools, families, communities and youth on one platform. We aim to create long lasting multidisciplinary and community linkages that would nurture safe, stable, positive, and healthy relationships and environment for children and youth.

Conference would be in three major themes

1: Perspectives and Practices in Play

2: Research, Treatment and Education for Children with Disabilities

3: Best Practices in Schooling